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With Lisa Gumieniuk

Ditch it. With Ease. And Thrive.

About the Podcast

The Chaos to Clarity Reset Podcast is for women who have ever struggled with stress, anxiety, overwhelm, fatigue or simply the daily pressures of everyday work and life.


This is a place for them to discover simple, fun ways to find Calm, create Clarity and gain Control of their mind, emotions and body! 


Chaos to Clarity Reset all about offering women inspiration and hope through stories, information, tips and learning.


It is well known that empowered and inspired women, empower and inspire women!


The sharing of personal stories, learned wisdom, advice and taking listeners on an inspired  journey to discover that they can discover Clarity, Calm and be in Control.


  • Women who are looking for Clarity in there life from Chaos.  This may also be linked to stress, anxiety or overwhelm and they may be looking for wellbeing, calm and clear minds.
  • 30-55 year old professional women
  • This podcast is an introduction for women and they may not know about spirituality and complementary medicines to support their wellbeing – or they may be new to the concept all together – this podcast is NOT aimed at people who are very spiritually development – we can take them on a journey to discovering this. 

Sample topics Overview

About Lisa...

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Hi! I'm Lisa

I help women like you who are anxious, stressed, overwhelmed and more

…to discover the real cause of their struggle and overcome it, so they can experience:

  • a clear action plan
  • a feeling of inner calm, clarity and confidence
  • knowing you’re in control of your life

…(with real-life tools other than positive affirmations and talk therapy).

Time-poor woman with loads on their plate, don’t have the luxury of spending hours talking about their problems and ‘just thinking positively’ is not enough!

They need to get to THEIR specific root cause and change it, so they can feel better, fast.

For over 13 years, I had a corporate and professional career as a Project Manager. I was constantly stressed, anxious and overwhelmed. I then spent 6 years recovering from chronic illness whilst unable to work.

Having access to a range of tools and techniques (and being strong and determined) I thought I could do it on my own.  But after many years of achieving minimal improvement, I realised I needed personalised answers and support.

I enlisted help and learned some solutions that worked at least 100% faster than it would have taken me to do it on my own. This took years off my healing journey (that I thought was never going to end!)

I was then able move beyond the 4 walls of my home, bed and brain fog! I now spend my time exercising, implementing the Self Care and Self Healing techniques and helping others to regain their lives!

Now, I’m here to help and support other women. I’ve discovered some of the most powerful, little-known strategies that can enable you to go from surviving to thriving, chaos to clarity, fast!

Check out my Media and Story pages for more information about me. 

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Podcasting Process

  1. To be considered to appear on the Chaos to Clarity Reset Podcast, please complete the downloadable application and complete it in full and signed with a photo/image via email to lisa at lisagumieniuk dot com. 
  2. If your story is aligned with the audience, I will be in contact with you via email with a link to book a time in my calendar for a 15 min chat
  3. Following out chat, the next stage will be record the podcast at a separate time (allow for up to 45 mins for podcast recording)
  4. Podcast recording will be via Zoom Video Conference an video will also be recorded
  5. Before the recording starts, we will check the audio, background noise and chat about any questions you might have.
  6. Please test your own microphone and technology.  And ensure you are in a quite location with no background noise as this will be picked up in the recording.  And also ensure you have good lighting.
  7. You will receive automated email notifications and reminders prior to the recording – 1 week before, 24 hours and 1 hour prior.
  8. Following the recording, the podcast will be edited and social media resources created and shared with you closer to the time and made available for you to share with your audiences. 

Please note: 

  • A requirement of appearing on the podcast will be for you to share the Episode on your social media platforms and with your audience. 
  • This is not a paid position.
  • Any advertising of products/services is at the approved discretion of the podcast host.
  • Due to high demands, only successful candidates will be notified for further consideration and we may keep your details on file for future reference.
  • Refer to the terms and conditions for further information.

Sample Interview Flow

The interview is casual and like a conversation. 

  • Intro Guest + Topic
  • 5 Min Chaos to Clarity Intro Session with Lisa
    • Each Episode beings with a 5 mins session / segment with Lisa
    • You will be asked to rate on a Scale of Chaos being 0 and Clarity being 10 where you feel you are on the scale in that moment
    • Lisa will guide you through a technique for a few moment and then you can re-rate your Clarity (EFT, Meditation, Breathing, Movement, Energy Healing etc)
  • Your personal story including AH-HA moment & Key Gift or Lesson
  • 1-3 key recommendations/tips/golden nuggets for listeners
  • How listeners can connect with you further

Podcasting Prep Guide


We record via ZOOM, so please ensure you have set up a free account with them prior to joining as this may take several minutes to set up initially. Sign up for free HERE:

Where to record

We record remotely from the comfort of your home or office. Choose a quiet place where you know you won’t be interrupted. And since we record online, a reliable internet connection is a must. Other than that, just choose somewhere comfortable.

Does it start recording immediately?

Nope! When you join the URL at the top for your podcast recording, we won’t be recording immediately. We’ll test your audio and video and make sure you feel prepared before we hit record.


Headphones are key! Without them, your microphone would pick up the sound of MY voice coming out of your computer. Headphones make sure that doesn’t happen. White Apple earbuds would do the trick.


Any headphone microphone will do the job. That said, if you’re interested in improving your professional sound, here are a few affordable mics we recommend. (Completely optional!):


Please consider your background for the video, ensuring it is not cluttered and is professional and casual. 

Podcast Etiquette
  • Please keep the language clean throughout the interview – Cursing is a No-No
  • Please ensure that you are unlikely to be disturbed
  • This is a forum to share your story not is pitch your services and products
  • The podcast is 99% unedited, although if there are major blunders these can be edited