Say hello to a Calm & regulated mind & body

* This integrative and holistic approach to whole-body health and wellness combines evidenced-based techniques such as Polyvagal Therapy and energetic health principles that are individually personalized, gentle, nurturing and trauma informed. 

These comprehensive techniques can include, Brainspotting (BSP), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP), Trauma Sensitive Heart Math , Vagus Nerve Repair & Stimulation, Holistic Food & Nutrition Coaching, Coaching, META-Health, Systemic Constellations, Subtle Energy Balancing (Chakra & Meridians), Reiki, Space Clearing & Energy Healing, Matrix Reimprinting & Regression: Past, Inner Child, Ancestral and Past Life, Soul & Spiritual Healing, Space Clearing; and are dependant on what is required.  

Reset Wellness Program Proposal
90 Days

You'll receive the following as part of your program...

8 x 1.5hour Private Transformation Session

8 x 1.5 hour Private 1:1 Transformation Sessions over 90 days/3 Months with Lisa via Zoom. 

Resource Access

All relevant resources to help guide and support you on your journey

Personalised Progress Tracking

A Program Tracking Chart to support each session and give you clear visibility of your progress

Inspired Action Steps

Clear Action Steps emailed after each session that are Inspiring, Empowering and transformative to take you forward

Follow up Contact

Follow up contact by me in between sessions to clarify and ask any questions.  Access to email and telegram (messaging app) contact for questions and support in between sessions (unlimited). A fully nurtured and supported experience from someone who has been where you are. (priceless) 

Follow up Session

A 20 min follow up chat 4-6 weeks following the completion of your Reset Wellness Program to see how you are progressing

Bonus Program Inclusions

(Valued at over $850)

Discovering Wellness Online Program for those completing the 90 Reset Program (Valued at $499)

A transformational group membership including a monthly: A live 1.5 hour zoom experience, A ‘members Only’ Support & Group, & Weekly Wellness Webinar (Valued at $47/month for 3 x months). * This bonus is currently only available to women

Training on how to create your own Personalised Emotional Wellbeing Toolkit (Valued at $99)

Join Lisa in her course where she’ll teach you a revolutionary approach that’s helping millions of women around the globe manage their stress, anxiety, and overwhelm (Valued at $49)

Join Lisa for 30+ Wellness Experts sharing their favourite tools so you can…

Find Calm in the Chaos – Feel Clearer and in control – Equip yourself with practical tools – Claim back your strength, confidence and certainty (Valued at $67)

Learn about 10 Little knows hacks that can help you to create emotional and mental wellness starting today! (Valued at $19)

Bonus: client resource library

(Valued at over $800)

The 90-Day Program gives you access to over 30 resources during your 90-day journey! 

The Ditch It. With Ease. And Thrive. Method

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Create a clear vision for yourself and for your ultimate Mindset, Wellbeing, and Clarity


Identify the roadblocks to your vision – including limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, trapped emotions and past traumas


Release, process, and clear the underlying root cause of your roadblocks


Holistically re-balance your Mind, Body and Spirit to integrate and reaffirm your resolution 


Education and training of advanced resolution methods customised to your personalised program

* Your empowering toolkit may include Visualisations, Heart Coercion & Connection, Emotional Freedom Techniques/EFT, Breathing, Holistic Nutrition, Meditation, Affirmations, Journaling, Movement including Yoga, Energy Health Techniques, Morning & Evening Routines, Reflection and other supportive interventions & techniques customised to your program. 

What's Included

The magic of your program is all centred around your boutique and privately guided 1:1 sessions.

The methods are grounded in a culmination of years’ worth of personal and professional experience & expertise. 

This results in bring to you, a unique, transformative experience combining the best modalities, ranging from scientific and evidenced based techniques, such as psychoneuroimmunology, neuroplasticity and EFT to those which are energetic related such as NLP, energetic health, working in the quantum field and quantum physics. 

If you’re not sure what all that means, don’t worry 🙂 I’ll guide you through step-by-step.

The boutique approach will make sure you are supported, nurtured and inspired every step of the way. Additional resources including relevant workbooks, templates, videos, links & references.

These will help you gain the most out of the program, increase your knowledge, understanding, awareness and confidence within yourself and your capacity to achieve your goals.

After each session, I will reach out to you to see if you have require further guidance and offer you additional support via email, instant audio and text message & support via FB Messenger.

Between sessions you’ll have access to audio, text and FB messenger, for questions, feedback and support to maintain your momentum.

You Are Fully Supported

Over the time we work together, I’ll be your ultimate wellness partner.  Think of me as your coach, mentor, practitioner, energy healer, and supporter in your corner.

Together, we will work on your intentions each session, as you travel closer towards your destination. I’ll help you to create awareness around what you are experiencing and what you would like to change.

You will gain fully personalised strategies and techniques to sustain you in between sessions that will assist you with the integration process that occurs after each session transformation.  I will guide and support you every step of the way. 


Most of my clients invest in coaching consistently for 60 or 90 days. This creates big shifts, hits big targets and enables them to transform their wellbeing in all aspects of their life and reach their goals.

Think about how long you’ve been holding on to some of your beliefs, patterns, stories, stressors and emotional overwhelm  – and how much it is costing you to keep these. 

From the very first session, if you follow the process you will create some major shifts straight away!

Next Steps

I want you to be 100% comfortable with your path to health and wellness. 

Feel free to drop me an email, or we can book another 15 minute chat to discuss your best options or answer any questions you my have. 

As I am confident in the program I offer, I would also like to offer you a money back guarantee on having a shift in your first session!

Or, let me know which path you would like to take and we can organise that and I’ll forward you a link with the details.

Please know, I am here for you!

Sending love and Wellbeing Your Way

Lisa Gumieniuk 🙂 

1:1 Mindbody Reset Program

"It was almost impossible to regulate my emotions. I had extreme anxiety around trust and jealousy of my partner, overall low mood and low self-esteem.

I was addicted to feeling like a victim and my default state of being was overwhelmed, stressed, unhappy, resentful, powerless.

I've invested thousands and thousands of dollars over the last 12 years. Thousands of hours as well. I've made dramatic improvements over the years with each new piece. The Reset program has taken me to the highest level so far…

I wish I had access to it at the beginning of my healing journey as I feel I would be much further along and have a solid foundation to expand upon. I have a much bigger capacity to regulate my emotions, like huge.

I'm actually making the choice and prefer to regulate my emotions and take actions to support me in that whereas before I didn't actually want to regulate. I felt dependent on my explosive reactions to get results, or get my needs met. I'm taking a much different approach now. I feel protective of my emotional state and feel very motivated to maintain a calm state. This adds to my self esteem and I feel substantially more self empowered.

I enjoyed how thorough, committed and organized you are. I felt extremely supported and taken care of throughout this journey. I felt you went above and beyond which feels rare to come by. Sometimes the last thing I felt like doing was working on myself but it felt so encouraging because I felt like you were truly invested in my growth as well.

It also felt safe to be vulnerable with you. I also felt tangible improvements in my body and state of being after every session. Plus, your Facebook community and additional materials are so helpful to have access to.”
Tess Hamilton
90 Day Reset Program

Is time to ditch how you are feeling?

Imagine what you can achieve...

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Just imagine if you could:

Here's where I can help...

Hi! i'm Lisa

I help busy, professional women like you who are stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed…

…to discover the real cause of your struggle and overcome it, so you can experience:

  • a feeling of inner calm, clarity and confidence
  • feeling you’re fully in control of your life
  • a clear action plan

…(with real-life tools other than positive affirmations and talk therapy).

If you’re a time-poor woman with loads on her plate, you  don’t have the luxury of spending hours talking about your problems and ‘just thinking positively’ is not enough!

You need to get to YOUR specific root cause and change it, so you can feel better, fast.

For over 13 years, I had a corporate and professional career as a Project Manager. I was constantly stressed, anxious and overwhelmed. I then spent 6 years recovering from chronic illness whilst unable to work.

Having access to a range of tools and techniques (and being strong and determined) I thought I could do it on my own.  But after many years of achieving minimal improvement, I realised I needed personalised answers and support.

I enlisted help and learned some solutions that worked at least 100% faster than it would have taken me to do it on my own. This took years off my healing journey (that I thought was never going to end!)

I was then able move beyond the 4 walls of my home, bed and brain fog! I now spend my time exercising, implementing the Self Care and Self Healing techniques and helping others to regain their lives!

Now, I’m here to help and support you. I’ve discovered some of the most powerful, little-known strategies that can enable you to go from surviving to thriving, chaos to clarity, fast!

Want to know how?

And that's why I created the 1:1 Coaching Program

This is not for you if YOU'RE...

This is for you if you're...

The results you can expect...

100% Personalised

Programs are tailored to you! 

It’s 100% personalised to what YOU are going through and what tools and techniques YOU need to heal, transform and tap into your inner wellness and healing.

After coaching hundreds of women to achieve breakthroughs & balance, you can be confident knowing that you’ll discover and have access to the best strategies to use to help you break free from stress, anxiety, overwhelm & fatigue. 

My mission is to help you avoid the mistakes that so many women make, so you can start to live the life you dreamed of as soon as possible.

You’ll learn exactly what you need to create a life you want. 

Spots fill up quickly, so grab yours now before they’re all gone.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you!


Root Cause of Your Symptons

The 3 T’s also known as Thoughts, Toxins and Traumas place an enormous amount of pressure on the body which end up showing up for you as stress, overwhelm, fatigue, disconnection & dis-ease. Together we get to the root cause and I can draw from over 10 modalities to help you with a solution.


This includes your thoughts, beliefs, emotions & stories that play out in your mind. 


This include often relates to your physical body and includes, breathe, water, food & nutrition, sleep, movement, what you put into and on your body and how your environment effect you. 


This includes little t traumas such as constant pressures in every day life, rushing, sitting at a desk all day, email notifications to big T Traumas such as chronic illness, car accidents, loss of a family member or pet etc.  

What clients say

“I was able to clear the fear/anxiety that I felt around being me and embracing my power.  I’ve had the deepest sleep and have since gone onto pursue my dreams.” 

Carita Gronroos

“I was able to clarify what was holding me back and now have the energy and focus to move forward feeling positive and motivated. The process of clarifying the problem that had been festering, disarming the distress it was causing, taking away the learnings, creating a new story/belief and imprinting this in my being was very powerful”.


“Megan Chambers – Working with Lisa has helped me to move forward in areas of my life where I was holding myself back but couldn’t understand why or what to do to move past it.

Megan Chamber

“This women seems to show up in my life when I really really need her! …Working with you has changed my mind set in different ways and the way I communicate with people and deal with conflict and confrontation, and it’s only the beginning.  It is really powerful stuffAnyone who’s stressed, if they could access this tool, it would be awesome and it could change the world! … It would enable you to create space in your mind to breath and think through your actions… It was a like a therapy session on steroids, but it all came from me!  Lisa just facilitated the process. She enabled me to pull back those layers. By using these simple strategies.” Steph Wicks