Wellness toolkit & modalities

Looking to take your life to the next levels.....

Lisa supports YOU, YOUR Business & YOUR family using an extensive range of  holistic and integrative techniques and modalities.  These are based on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers. 

Each session is fully customised, working with the right combination of complementary tools to suit your needs.  

With Lisa’s clinical and professional expertise she finds the perfect combination of therapies to suit you to achieve the very best results in the shortest time. Lisa’s expertise includes…

wellness toolkit with lisa

Holistic Coaching & Mentoring​

EFT / Emotional Freedom Techniques also known as Tapping

Meditation, Mindfulness and breathing​

Nutrition & Food​

Holistic Health & Wellness Support​

Lifestyle & Self-Care​

Psychoneuroimmunology Techniques​

Muscle Testing

Chakra & Meridian Balancing​

Energetic Healing & Reiki

Intuitive Guidance​

Energy Healing with Colour and Art​

Online, Distance & Remote Healing

Space Clearing

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