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Are you looking for ...

  • more energy & vitality in your day & life?
  • ways to overcome chronic illness, dis-ease and boost your immune system naturally?
  • alternative health and wellness solutions that actually work?
  • a compassionate and results focused practitioner/coach/mentor who has been on a similar journey and understands what your're going through?
  • ways to break-free from your emotional, mental or physical pain, suffering or distress?
  • undercover AND heal the root cause of your dis-ease?

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I support women like you to break-free from ...


Are you experiencing any dis-ease in your body?

Adrenal fatigue | Breathing problems

Cancer support | Low energy | Inflammation

Chronic fatigue | Chronic illness support 

Gut support : Constipation | Irritable bowel | Indigestion

Hormone & Thyroid problems

Menstrual & Fertility problems


Are you experiencing any physical  pain? 

Abdominal pain

Chronic pain

Back & neck pain


Post-surgery pain

Sore knees, shoulders & joints

Sports injuries

life stages

Are you transiting to a new ‘life stage’ and seeking support and guidance with this period of you life and transition?

Pregnant | New Mother | Grandmother

Kids growing up | Getting Older | Moved out

Redundant | New Career | Retirement

Relationship support or transition



Are any of these emotions holding you back from living your full potential?

Anger | Anxiety | Bitterness 

Depression | Grief | Guilt

Resentment | Sadness | Shame | Stress


Addictions | Claustrophobia | Compulsions

Cravings | Fears | Habits | Insomnia 

Limiting Beliefs | Low self esteem

Migraines | Nightmares | Obsessions

Pain management | Panic attacks| Phobias

PTSD | Past Experiences & Traumas

How can you help me?

dis-ease to wellness

Now on the right side of Wellness, I was once in your shoes! That's why I'm so passionate about supporting YOU with your Wellness journey. I've learnt so many lessons along the way, and I don't want you to have to suffer like I did!

fulled supported

I work with incredible people like you to overcome emotional, mental, physical and spiritual imbalances and dis-ease and support them to achieve an elevated Mind, Body and Spirit combining natural and holistic therapies

100% Personalised

Each session with Lisa is tailored to you! It's 100% personalised to what YOU are going through and what tools and techniques YOU need to heal, transform and tap into your inner healing.

1:1 Sessions

The sessions are all private one-on-one sessions online via ZOOM! So you don't need to drain your energy or be stressed by travelling too and from an appointment! You can do it from your own safe and calm space!

Break-free programs

A 'Just For You' Break-free programs with additional support, resources and bonuses are available for your privately! These are Not online group programs! These programs are personalised just for YOU and include private 1:1 Sessions for you to Break-free...

grow your wellness toolkit

Break-free programs include ways to Fast track your wellness journey. This includes access to weekly resources including videos, cheat sheets and exercises to take your healing to the next level! Grow your personal Wellness Toolkit that you can tap into when you need it most and support your break-free program success!

resolving, Re-programming & re-patterning

Each session uncovers your blocks and then re-patterns and re-programs the limiting beliefs and stories we find. We'll release you from your past! Each session builds on the last to get to your root cause AND resolve them!

Your life is more important than you may believe

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