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Clarity Session (START HERE)

  • A recommended plan for your next steps experiencing peace, calm and reducing the chaos you’re currently feeling!
  • The little known reasons that are keeping you in stress, anxiety & fatigue
  • An easy to implement tool to help you on a daily basis

1:1 3 Month Coaching Program with Lisa

Is it YOUR time to say Hello to an Anxiety, Stress & Overwhelm solution NOW?!
Discover how Lisa can help you now…

Taster Coaching Package

3 x 25 min Coaching Sessions over 4 weeks so you can start to gain clarity quickly 

Corporate Wellbeing

Are you or your organisation looking for

Inquire today about how I can support you and your organisation

Self Care Saturday

  • Want to learn how to care for yourself that goes beyond the facials, manicures & pedicures and massages

Say Goodbye to Anxiety, Stress, Overwhelm & More Workshop

Come along to the ‘Say Goodbye Workshop’ and discover peace, calm and more balance! 

Past Events

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