I often get asked: What does a session with you look like? So, I’d like to present a bit of an overview of the process of working with me so that you have an understanding of what the journey might look like for you.

STAGE 1 – Connection

Clarity Call – We come together to connect

  • Come together to connect via a Clarity Session
  • A space for you to connect with me, get to know me, ask questions about how I can support you to reach your health goals, and explore if I am the best fit for supporting you further.
  • A space where I can connect with you and get to know your journey, assess if I can support you and find out:
    • Where are you now?
    • Where would you like to be?
    • What are your roadblocks and challenges in getting there?
    • What your current ‘Mountain Journey’ looks like and where are you in relation to the top of your mountain
  • At the end of this call, I will confirm if I feel I can support you to achieve your health and wellness goals and will present what I feel are the best options I can support you with. I may also refer you to some people or resources that may be a good fit for you, if I feel I am not the best fit for you.  Following the call, I will also forward you an email with what we have discussed during the session. 

Follow Up Questions

  • After our Clarity Call, you may have some follow-up questions which are all welcome! You are invited to connect with me via email or book in a 15min chat to talk through your questions.

Decide and Confirm

  • If working together is a good fit for us, the next step is for you to decide on the best Reset Program option you would like to journey down, and confirm this by making payment.

STAGE 2 – Engagement

Onboarding & Welcome Kit

  • Once I receive payment confirmation for your Reset Journey, you will receive a Welcome email with all the onboarding steps for working together including:
    • How to connect with me
    • How to access the online resources (Portal & Facebook Group)
    • How to book in future sessions
    • Instructions for completing initial forms tro ‘Build Your Profile’

Building your Profile

  • As part of the onboarding process, you will receive various forms to complete which will help to ‘Build Your Profile’. This includes mapping out your history, and I provide you with instructions on how to map out your history including understanding the beliefs and patterns that have been keeping you stuck, your triggers, your current symptoms, what was happening in your life prior to your current situation and also what are the resources (things, people, place, techniques etc.) that keep you grounded, calm or safe.
  • You will also be guided to put together a Vision for yourself. This is a representation of what it would look like or feel like if you were standing at the top of this mountain you are climbing. 
  • Completing these prior to your first session helps me understand what led you to your current situation, which will help me to build a plan to help you more forward.

Profile Review

  • Prior to your 1st session, I will review your profile and decide on an approach to support you during your sessions. 

Suprise Support Gift Pack

  • I will send you a surprise gift pack in the post to support our journey together. 

STAGE 3 – Transformation & Reset Sessions

Prior to Session

  • You are invited to review the Pre-Session Care guide to ensure you are prepared and resourced for a session.

1:1 Sessions Overview

  • Initial Reset Starter Session – 2h x NeuroSomatic Health Mapping – where we map out whats happening with your Brain, Body and Nervous System. 
  • 1:1 Sessions are a combination of transformation and coaching – they are 90 mins sessions. 
  • The body is either in a healing state, or it is not. The objectives of the 1:1 sessions are to work towards the healing you desire (aka the top of your mountain) by reducing your bodies stress response (so the body CAN heal) as well as creating a neural and body-wide transformation that changes the state of your brain, nervous system and body. 
  • Integration & Homeplay – Practices to integrate the session and continue your neuroplasticity healing on a daily basis.
  • Reflections – I guide you through a reflection process prior to each new session via an online form. 
  • In-between Session Support – A session follow-up email from me, and the opportunity for you to message me in-between your sessions. 
  • Monthly NeuroSomatic Group Reset Experience – come together in community to continue and enhance your Reset Experience in a group environment. 
  • These sessions are 100% customized to your personal circumstances, your profile and assessment of your brain, nervous system, body and energy fields capacity for various approaches and techniques.
  • They are structured yet dynamic and flexible depending on what you need at the time.
  • Sessions can include a mixture of both Neural, Nervous System and Emotional Transformation with Bottom-Up approaches and Coaching with Top-Down approaches.
  • Transformation through Bottom-Up approaches generally takes up the majority of sessions time (refer to blog HERE for further information about the transformation process)
  • Coaching with Top-Down approaches are incorporate in ALL sessions, and includes discussing resources, tools and techniques to support you in between sessions.
  • The approach to these sessions is based on my extensive training, clinical experience working with hundreds of clients and takes a trauma-informed and sensitive perspective.
  • For sensitive and fatigued clients, there is an option to reduce the sessions to 45min sessions to work with your energy and nervous system.
  • The transformation sessions are about discovering the stress triggers and setting in the motion the regeneration trigger – so your body can create health.  
  • Source of image: META-Health

Session Flow

  • Each session starts with you defining an Intention for healing and the session (which I can guide you with).
  • I then guide you through a transformation process incorporating customized bottom up/somatic techniques (from Somatic Practices, Brainspotting, Tapping/EFT, EMDR, Heart Coherence, Breathing, MindBody Connection & communication to Energy Psychology and more) depending on what you need at the time.
  • Then, together we map out a plan that includes ‘Session Integration Recommendations’ or ‘Homeplay’ which includes various mind-body and nervous system tools and techniques you can apply.
  • We review and rate the neural, emotional, and physical changes that have occurred within your mind-body and nervous system during this session, and you reflect on what you have learned about yourself during the session and what the session ‘gift’ was to yourself.
  • The session concludes, with tracking your mountain progress and recording as a % how close to your vision you are following the session – you also identify how the session is contributing to your mountain journey (like the session being a piece of a jigsaw puzzle).
  • You’ll also receive Post Session Care Guide and notes on how to support yourself following  
  • NOTE: We also, generally dedicate 1 full session to mapping out your nervous system.  This will give you an incredible picture of how your mind and body responds to certain situations, which you will then be able to start to change and influence on a moment-to-moment basis.  Together, we will then identify and build on specific techniques that you can use each day depending on your nervous system state. 
  • Here is a sample of the process you might take if we work together.  Firstly, defining your vision, and then mapping your journey after every session.  

In-between Sessions

  • You are invited to implement the ‘Session Integration Recommendations’ or ‘Homeplay’ following your session. This will help to integrate your session, consolidating the neural challenges that took place during the session and ongoing neural plasticity. 
  • I will follow up with you after each session via email or telegram and invite you to reply and keep me updated with how you are feeling and tracking – so that I can support you if needed.
  • Prior to your next session, I will email a link to a document called ‘My Reflections’ which you are invited to review and send back to me prior to your next session. This process helps you to understand any changes / progress / insights following your session and also provides me with guidance in insight on how to support you during your next session. 

Monthly NeuroSomatic Group Reset Experience (Membership)

STAGE 4 – Next Steps


  • Towards the end of your program, I will provide you with guidance on how to review your Reset Journey progress. This involves reviewing your mountain journey, your vision, and your profile to track how far you’ve come, what has been resolved and if there are any remaining elements that you require support with. 

Follow Up

  • You will be invited to a complementary 20 min follow up chat, 4-8 weeks following your Reset Program, to discuss your progress after the sessions.


  • Following this review, you may decide you wish to continue your journey up your mountain or create a new vision and mountain journey for yourself. At this stage, we can discuss your new requirements and I can provide various options for continuing to work together 1:1 or within a group setting. 

What next?

This process is about supporting you on a journey to enable you to overcome your current challenges.
I’m committed to supporting you with transformation sessions AND giving you the tools that you can implement on a daily basis so that you can make a difference in your health and life! 


Looking forward to connecting with you 🧠

Sending love and wellbeing your way!

Lisa 🧠

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